Will Java 8 follow the historically slow and deliberate upgrade path of its predecessors?

That’s the question we sought to answer. In February 2014, Lightbend ran a survey of more than 2,800 Java developers, asking about upgrade plans to Java 8 and sentiments on lambdas and other key features in the newest Java release. In September, we again solicited feedback from the Java community - this time generating more than 3,000 responses - for a follow-up survey on actual Java 8 adoption.

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The latest findings suggest Java 8 adoption is running six months ahead of the original predictions, with two-thirds of those polled now saying they were running Java 8 or had committed to switching within a year. 

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  • production vs. pilot plans for Java 8 adopters
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  • adopter and holdout appetite for functional programming 
  • early sentiments about Java 9
  • the most popular technologies in the Java developers “stack”

Java 8 Report II: A Global Survey of 3,030 Java Professionals

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