APACHE SPARK - Preparing for the Next Wave of Reactive Big Data 

In the middle of 2014, when we were reporting the results of a Java 8 Survey in which more than 3000 developers participated, we saw something we didn't expect: 17% of respondents reporting using Apache Spark in production. There must be more to this, we thought...


To learn more about how developers are using (or planning to use) Spark, we formed a group between Lightbend, Databricks and DZone to sponsor a survey of more than 2,000 (2,136 to be exact) respondents. Their responses paint a promising and exciting picture for Spark adoption. We think of this next wave as Reactive Big Data. But whatever you call it, it’s already here.

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About Lightbend

Lightbend (Twitter: @Lightbend) is dedicated to helping developers build Reactive applications on the JVM. With the Lightbend Reactive Platform, developers can create message-driven applications that scale on multicore and cloud computing architectures by using projects like Lagom, Play Framework, Akka, Scala, Java, and Apache Spark. To help our customers succeed, Lightbend partners with technology pioneers such as Databricks, IBM, and Mesosphere.