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Fortify Scala Plugin 

Fortify Scala Plugin

If you’re using Scala, want to minimize application security risk and comply with your corporate security standards, meet the Fortify Scala plug-in.

Developed by Lightbend and Fortify in close collaboration, the Fortify Scala plugin automatically identifies code-level security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC, so you can secure your mission-critical applications.

Unlike other SAST solutions, thanks to the Lightbend collaboration, the Fortify Scala plugin uses the the official Scala compiler, delivering a high degree of accuracy and a superior level of performance.  

If you’re an application developer, this means that you can confidently use Scala to meet your application or business requirements while adhering to your company’s secure SDLC standards.

If you’re a security professional / in the CISO office, you can now be assured that your developers’ code has been vetted by Fortify’s best-in-class static application security testing solution.

Note that while the plugin will be available to all Lightbend subscribers as part of their subscription, a licensed version of Fortify will be required.


The Fortify Scala plugin is coming soon. If you’re interested in early access, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

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Fortify Scala Plugin is coming soon. To sign up for early access, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

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