White Paper

Akka A to Z

The Architect's Guide To Designing, Building, And Running Reactive Systems

Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate, Lightbend

Oliver White, Chief Storyteller and Product Marketing Lead, Lightbend

Audience: Architects and Developers

Technical level: Introductory

By now, you’ve probably heard of Akka, the JVM toolkit for building scalable, resilient and resource efficient applications in Java or Scala. With 16 open-source and commercial modules in the toolkit, Akka takes developers from actors on a single JVM, all the way out to network partition healing and clusters of servers distributed across fleets of JVMs. But with such a broad range of features, how can Architects and Developers understand Akka from a high-level perspective?

At the end of this white paper, you will better understand Akka “from A to Z”, starting with a tour from the humble actor and finishing all the way at the clustered systems level. Specifically, you will learn about:

  • How Akka Actors function, from creating systems to managing supervision and routing
  • The way Akka embraces Reactive Streams with Akka Streams and Alpakka
  • How to build distributed, clustered systems with Akka, even incorporating clusters within clusters
  • How various components of the Akka toolkit provide out-of-the-box solutions for distributed data, distributed persistence, pub-sub, and ES/CQRS
  • Which commercial technologies are available for Akka, and how they work, as part of a Lightbend subscription

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Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate, Lightbend

Hugh is a solutions architect at Lightbend. He’s had a long career building applications that evolved slowly, that inefficiently utilized their infrastructure, and that were brittle and prone to failure. That all changed when he started building reactive, asynchronous, actor-based systems. This radically new way of building applications rocked his world. As an added benefit, building application systems became way more fun that it had ever been. Now he is focused on helping others to discover the significant advantages and joys of building responsive, resilient, elastic, message-based applications.

Oliver White, Chief Storyteller and Product Marketing Lead, Lightbend

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Lightbend (Twitter: @Lightbend) provides the leading Reactive application development platform for building distributed systems. Based on a message-driven runtime, these distributed systems, which include microservices and streaming fast data applications, can effortlessly scale on multi-core and cloud architectures. Many of the most admired brands around the globe are transforming their businesses with our platform, engaging billions of users every day through software that is changing the world. For more information on Lightbend, visit: lightbend.com