How to Build Stateful, Cloud-Native Services With Akka And Kubernetes

Jonas Bonér, Co-Founder & CTO, Lightbend

Audience: Architects and Developers

Technical level: Intermediate

Container and container orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes are becoming ubiquitous and indispensable tools for deploying and managing distributed systems at scale.

Along with the need to manage ever-increasing volumes of data, reliably, in close to real-time, we begin to see the use case for Reactive data-driven services and streaming pipelines. This means that we need to move:

  • From traditional stateless, behavior-driven services and high latency, batch-oriented data processing
  • To stateful, data-driven services and low latency, stream-oriented data processing

In this white paper by Jonas Bonér–the creator of Akka and co-founder/CTO of Lightbend–we take a fresh look at how two technologies, Akka and Kubernetes, can give us the best of both worlds: developing, deploying, and managing cloud-native services that are at once stateful–in control of their data–and running in production with all the freedom of a stateless environment.

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Jonas Bonér, Co-Founder & CTO, Lightbend

Jonas Bonér is a co-founder of Lightbend and creator of the Akka event-driven middleware project. Previously he was a core technical contributor at Terracotta, working on core JVM-level clustering technology, and at BEA, as part of the JRockit JVM team. Jonas has also been an active contributor to open source projects including the AspectWerkz Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework and the Eclipse AspectJ project. He is an amateur Jazz musician, passionate skier and holds a Bachelors of Science from Mid Sweden University.

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