Microservices Unleashed: Evolving Mission-Critical Applications in the Cloud at Lower Cost, Risk, and Complexity

Brad Murdoch, EVP, Strategy and Product, Lightbend, Inc.

Audience: IT Executives and Enterprise Architects

Technical level: Introductory

While microservices have many benefits on their own, there are many challenges to building them at scale. Having a way to build systems of microservices uniformly and effectively is an essential element of any enterprise’s cloud migration strategy.

Built on a few core principles, Reactive microservices enable teams to deliver scalable, self-healing systems with the right persistence strategies in place for handling unexpected issues gracefully in the cloud—all while delivering digital services and software to customers at reduced cost, risk, and complexity.

In this ebook, you’ll explore how to unleash the full power of the cloud with Reactive microservices, including what this technology is, what it does, and the business value it can bring to your company. You’ll also discover:

  • Key principles that define a Reactive microservice
  • How Reactive microservices can reduce IT costs
  • Real-world customer stories from Fortune 100 companies

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Brad Murdoch, EVP, Strategy and Product, Lightbend, Inc.

Brad Murdoch is EVP, Strategy and Product at Lightbend. In this role, he drives corporate strategy and product management for the company. Prior to joining Lightbend in 2016, Brad filled a number of executive roles in business development, marketing, strategy and operations for early and growth stage companies in the professional open source, cybersecurity and enterprise mobility markets. Previous companies include JBoss (acquired by Red Hat), Prevoty (acquired by Imperva), Framehawk (acquired by Citrix), Nukona (acquired by Symantec) and OpenSpan (acquired by Pegasystems). Brad holds an honors degree in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow. He can be followed on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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