Liftoff for Your Reactive Platform and Team

As a complement to your Lightbend Subscription, the Reactive Launch offering will accelerate your adoption of the Reactive Platform by connecting your domain experts with our Reactive experts. During this deep and sustained 8 week engagement, our teams in collaboration will rapidly and effectively explore, define and establish the path for strong delivery of your Reactive Platform solution.


  • Accelerate Time to Market: Rapidly build team skills and leadership through early mitigation of risks to delivery.
  • Total Solution Resilience: Build right the first time. Develop a strong foundation allowing your team to scale and grow with confidence.
  • Technology Adoption and Leadership: Establish deep and lasting technology adoption without distractions. Onboard your team members while maintaining focus on your deliverables.


  • Solid plan for designing, constructing, testing, deploying, monitoring and scaling your solution.
  • Sound, reviewed system architecture - assumptions challenged, uncertainty surfaced.
  • Skilled, motivated, and confident cross functional delivery team with proven early success.
  • Long-term success and adoption is ensured, along with your optimal investment in your platform through a Reactive Launch report with recommendations.


  • Onboarding and Inception: Rapidly onboard your team. Expert review of your system architecture and design, with recommendations for next steps. Establish clear goals and priorities.
  • Steelthread and Spikes: Tackle important technology Spikes to prove out your assumptions, de-risk your delivery pipeline (Steelthread) and prove key business cases.
  • Construction Iterations: With sustained focus on continuous improvement, progressively build the platform while addressing capacity gaps with one-on-one mentorship, facilitation and coaching on Reactive Platform delivery.
  • Review and Recommendations: This touchpoint (scheduled up to one month later) will ensure that your team continues on the right path, offering one-on-one mentorship, facilitation and coaching as required. Closing out the Reactive Launch report and recommendations.
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