Play Framework: The JVM Architect’s Path to Super-Fast Web Apps

The Power Of A Stateless, Streaming, Reactive Web Framework

Audience: Architects, Managers

Technical level: Introductory

Not all JVM web frameworks are created equal.

Modern, Reactive systems are highly distributed and run on multicore, cloud-based environments. The same old web technologies that have been powering applications for the last 10-15 years are simply not designed to support these systems. So what choices do enterprises have?

Meet Play Framework–the asynchronous, non-blocking, stateless, streaming, open source, Reactive web application framework from Lightbend–that allows enterprises to support today’s web users and applications and achieve a higher level of performance while requiring significantly less infrastructure/HW than before. This Play-focused technical whitepaper covers:

  • Why It’s Important To Be Asynchronous And Nonblocking
  • Orchestrating Processes, Threads, and Cores
  • Streaming, HTTP, Akka & Reactive Streams
  • Server Sent Events Example
  • Complex Streams Example
  • What It Means To Be A “Framework” vs “Library”
  • Want To Scale Up? Here’s What We Recommend

Read this white paper to learn why enterprises like LinkedIn, Verizon, Samsung, Weight Watchers and Norwegian Cruise Lines are using Play Framework in production, enabling them to meet their clients’ needs while saving money on cloud expenses and shortening their previously-long development cycles.

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About Lightbend

Lightbend (Twitter: @Lightbend) provides the leading Reactive application development platform for building distributed systems. Based on a message-driven runtime, these distributed systems, which include microservices and streaming fast data applications, can effortlessly scale on multi-core and cloud architectures. Many of the most admired brands around the globe are transforming their businesses with our platform, engaging billions of users every day through software that is changing the world. For more information on Lightbend, visit: lightbend.com